A downloadable game

Small game where your goal is to kill as many stickmen as you can. 

Game is programmed in C++ with DirectX 11. Code is really ugly but for a week project it serves its purpose. Link to github: https://github.com/Meridor6919/OLC-game-jam-2019/tree/master/OLC%20game%20jam%202019  All Graphics were made by my friend Dejv.


WASD or arrow keys for movement,

Left mouse button to shoot

R to reset 

ESC to exit

Install instructions

Installer less version isn't tested. If there are any issues with it please instal version with a proper installer


OLC installer.zip 1 MB
StanislawsRevengeInstallerLess.zip 1 MB


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its decent, but why do i need to give it admin rights ? most viruses don't even need admin rights  but the installer dose? it would have been a lot better if i could have  upgraded guns after each time i died. you should also have compiled it into webassembly or javascript and ran it in the browser.

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I' ve used default installer project from visual studio It probably requires admin rights for .dll files that must be extracted to your system32 folder. There are so much more I could do: granades, new enemies, different guns. Sadly I didn't have enoght time -I am quite new to directx programming and whole set up took me a long time.

Edit: I've added version without installer - it shouldn't require admin rights